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 Company  Classification  Principal Member
 Surveyors  Malcolm Vanstone, SLS, P. Surv
 Building Owner/Manager  Chad Perrault
 Realty Tax Consulting  Archie Fieldgate
 Building Owner/Manager  Brandi Clarke
 Roofing Contractor  Dennis Burnie
 Commercial Real Estate  Jeremy Schick
 Cleaning Solution Manufacturer  Keri Carson
 Cleaning Contractor  Victor Moutinho
 Filtration  Scot Johnson
 Facility Management  Travis Wassermann
 Professional Association  Cail Maclean
 Building Owner/Manager  Steve Oke
 Insurance  Darly Arendt
 Building Owner/Manager  Tyler Williams
 Facilities Building Services Manager  Mike Powell
 Building Owner/Manager  Don Holmes
 Building Owner/Manager  Laurie Ell RPA, CLO
 Cleaning Contractor  Murray Sutherland
 Financial Institution  Richard Corley
 Recycling Services  Jill Perron
 Assset Services  Terry Napper
 HVAC Equipment  Darin Boire
 Filtration  Scott Renwick
 Building Owner/Manager  Agatha Potapinski, RPA, CPM
 Building Owner/Manager  Ranald Rasmussen
 Waste Management  Chris Yanisiw
 Building Owner/Manager  Andrew Bailey, RPA, FMA
 Building Envelope Contractor  Sean McGregor
 Furnace & Duct Cleaning/Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning  Clint Orr
 Security Services  Ewelina Furtak
 Mechanical Services  Mike Paulhus
 Cleaning Contractor  Neil Crump
 Elevator Consulting & Management  Harley Good
 Energy Management Solutions  Dean Clark, BASc
 Energy Management Solutions  Mike Tate
 Pump Manufacturer  Mike Gregorash
 Building Manager  Lisa Pegg
 Building Owner/Manager  Albert Chow
 Building Owner/Manager  Victoria Gabel, RPA
 Insurance  Mike Hudey
 Building Owner/Manager  Gord Hipperson, P. Eng.
 Controls  Srikant Raman
 Natural Gas Supplier  Adrian Leusink
 Mechanical Services  Chad Kuski
 Building Owner/Manager  David Kevill
 Building Owner/Manager  Debbie Haluik, CPM
 Building Envelope Engineering; Structural Engineering; Roof Consulting; Pavement Engineering  Andrew Kuffner RRO, Haag Certified
 Controls  Chris Oyka
 Law Firm  Ronald Warsaba
 Construction, Fall Protection Specialists  Kevin Hendriks
 Elevator  Quinn Fay
 Government  Ray Sieber
 Waste Disposal Services  Scott Nelson
 Mechanial Contractor  Steven Gill
 Mechanical Contractor  Justin Henderson
 Building Owner/Manager  Kerry Hidalgo, RPA
 Development Company  Kyle Addison
 Law Firm  Bob Kasian
 Accounting, Tax and Business Consulting  Rick Monsees, CPA, CGA
 Building Owner/Manager  Kim Redl
 Movers - Office  Tomasz Piotrowski
 Elevator  Warren Zinn
 Chemical Manufacturer  Richard Miller
 Construction  Garth Tomlinson
 Environmental Consulting  Reese Giraudier Dipl. (ENV), A.Sc.T.
 Building Owner/Manager  Sean Schneider, RPA, FMA
 Roofing Subcontractor  Simon Merkosky
 Property Management  Greg Panio
 Plumbing, Heating, HVAC, Boilers  Jason Raymer
 Building Owner/Manager  Brian Klenk
 Disaster Restoration Services  Mike Payne
 Roofing, Fall Protection and Building Envelope Engineering, Inspection, Design, Project Management & Leak Investigation  Andrew Tait, B.Comm (Honours)
 Building Owner/Manager  Asset Mgmt F Division HQ
 Building Owner/Manager  Larry Debusschere, FMA
 Utility  Marty Lelliott
 Utility  Bradley Trew
 Communications Provider  Mark Inouye
 Building Owner/Manager  Greg Gottselig
 Janitorial & Maintenance Services  Mark Mohillo
 Real Estate Holding & Development  Marlene Portras, RPA, FMA
 Roofing  Dave Phillippe
 Locksmith  Jim Park
 Elevator Consulting  Jeff Case
 Ground Penetrating Radar  Tony Brunette
 Cleaning Company  Katelyn Lalonde
 Elevator  Alexander Fedosov
 HVAC  Josh Hextall
 Roofing and Building Maintenance  Mitch Empey
 Paper Supplies/Full Line Janitorial Supplies  Dale Carson
 Manufacturing  Remi Rizzo
 HVAC, Preventative Maintenance, Plumbing & Electrical  Joanne Harpauer-Dignean
 Window Cleaning  Brenda Oates
 Engineering Consulting Services  Nives Ambrosia, P.Eng

at The Atlas

4177 Albert St., Regina

Watch for details, speaker to be confirmed.

Registration is open:  email


March 19 Breakfast Meeting from 8:00 - 9:30 am

at the Royal Hotel

4025 Albert St., Regina

Chief of Police Bray and Fire Chief Johnson talking about Safty and Security in Commercial Properties.

To register email




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